Hi there!

Berlin based User Experience Designer with Graphic Design background.

I put the first focus on asking the right questions to understand the actual problem. Only then I can come up with a solution that meets user’s needs as well as the product-, business- & technical requirements.
I build up from scratch as well as I tackle Design Dept. & I’m deeply in love with Design Systems.
Product Managers & Developers are my allies.

I’m a tech-savy digital Native (from the veeery early Days of the Internet).

Nice to have you here 👋

Some admin stuff, you don’t need to see his identification. These ain’t the droids you’re looking for!

Machine-learning generated images

(I know, they call it “AI”, but we all read Neuromancer & therefore know for sure, that what is used to generate this images is not an Artificial Intelligence. It’s a marketing buzzword, just like “Graphic Novel” – don’t get me started …)


DANA müller

Portait DANA

Senior UX-Designer

Enthusiastic. Passionate.
Precise. Detail-oriented.